Are you scared to hire following Brexit?

Has the news around Brexit left you feeling fearful for the future? If so, you are not alone. A report from CIPD and Adecco has found that the number of employers planning to hire new recruits over the next three months has nosedived from 40% to 36%, with the fall being ‘significantly higher’ in the private sector.

It’s no surprise that businesses are taking a cautious approach, especially when you consider the fact that even the politicians leading the changes seem to be uncertain about what the future holds. Recruitment can be a costly process and keeping a close eye on your spending could be considered as a sensible strategy.

Before deciding to batten down the hatches though, it’s wise to think about the bigger picture. Your people are your most important asset and if you have growth on your agenda, then you’re going to have to make sure that you’ve got the right talent to lead the way. Recruitment should be an investment rather than a cost, so any big decisions should take into account your wider goals and objectives.

Savvy employers may also be looking at alternatives. Traditionally, bringing fresh ideas into a business involved recruiting new members of staff for the longer term. It could be time to change this approach. It may be possible to bring in temporary staff or consultants to help you tackle your key problems.

These days, the talent pool is wider than ever before and you don’t even necessarily have to find someone who can travel to your premises. Technology is a gift for business owners who use it wisely, so don’t be scared to step away from your usual business practices.

If you’re struggling to work out what you should do for the best, then it may be time to call on some professional advice. We can help you to establish the right course of action for your business, keeping both economic uncertainty and your overarching strategic goals in mind. Get in touch today, and we can arrange an initial, no-obligation consultation.