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Employment tribunal claims soar since fee abolishment

There has been a two-thirds increase in the number of employment tribunal claims from July to September 2017 compared with the previous quarter, since fees were abolished, according to new Government data.

The Government’s statistics show that single claims rose by 66% – the highest in four years. More significantly, claims for unlawful deductions from wages, which had virtually disappeared under the fees regime, are now resurfacing. These increased from 549 in July 2017 to 2,926 in August, and 2,027 in September 2017.

There was also a 144% rise in multiple claims, with 23,297 received that quarter, compared to 9,518 in the previous quarter.

These are the first official figures that have been published since tribunal fees were abolished in July last year, following a Supreme Court ruling that said the Government was acting unlawfully to introduce them.

The data demonstrates that workers are more willing to make claims to resolve their employment disputes now they don’t have to find £1,200. The huge increase in multiple claims, which tend to be a lot more aggressive as they are made up of numerous claims against a single employer, shows that there’s a large number of employees who are dissatisfied.

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