Executives fighting

If Marketing and HR had a fist fight…

Which function would be the winner?
Who’d take the crown as the business owners’ can’t-live-without tool?
And perhaps more interestingly, could one exist without the other?

When business owners are looking to increase their bottom line, or attract more of the best customers and clients, then they often look for outside solutions. They look towards social media platforms, or advanced sales tactics, or an external provider to solve their problems and create processes that bring in leads on autopilot. Of course, bringing in a regular stream of new business is absolutely essential, and it’s never going to be too far from your mind if you’re looking to step up to the next level.

But what about HR?

It might have a reputation for being the fluffy tea-and-sympathy function, but the leaders who are truly breaking new ground and smashing their revenue targets fully understand that this is a vital part of the puzzle. After all…if you aren’t training your staff to be their very best, then things will quickly start to fall apart.

If there are problems bubbling away beneath the surface, then it’s unlikely that strategic objectives are going to be met. If there’s a culture of apathy and discontent, then your growth is going to be stalled, and you’ll quickly end up with a workforce that just treads water, and is satisfied with achieving the bare minimum.

And ultimately, in the vast majority of circumstances, it’s going to be your staff that play the most important role in bringing in the business that you need. They’re the ones running your social media accounts, sending out your emails, and jumping on the phones.

Of course, the reality is that when you’re looking to grow, there’s never one magic strategy. It has to be a holistic approach that you take, and missing out any one thing could have a massive impact on your overall results.

But for your marketing and sales activities to work and for you then to be able to deliver exceptional service to your new customers and clients, so they keep coming back for more and tell everyone they know about just how amazing your business is, it always comes back to your people. They’re at the heart of everything, whether it be marketing or selling or anything else.

So, if you’re ploughing time and money into growing your market share, and becoming known as the go-to provider for what it is that you do, but you’re not seeing the results that you need, then it might be time to think about where your key players fit into all of this, and how you can make sure that you’re giving them what they need in order to thrive.

If you need some assistance, we can help. Whether you need one-off guidance to help you make positive adjustments, or you want to run an initiative to facilitate transformative change for the future, we have an option that may suit your requirements and budget.