Is work-life balance ever really achievable for business owners?

When you dip into an article from an HR consultant about work-life balance, you probably have a few preconceptions about what we’re going to say to you.

You might imagine that we’re going tell you that time off is vital, and that no one can fire on all cylinders without getting some well-deserved time away from the office.

Maybe you think that we’re going to drive home the importance of adhering to the legislation around working hours, and ensuring that you aren’t breaking the law when it comes to how you require your staff to turn up and get stuff done.

And of course, all of these things are important and most definitely have their place.

Here’s the thing though…
We’re business owners too.
We understand that it can feel like your work is never going to be done.
We know the pressures of running the show, managing a team and trying to hold it all together.

So how about today, we have a frank and honest conversation about YOUR work-life balance, as the head honcho in your business?

Sure, sometimes the long hours are inevitable if you want to reach your goals, make more sales and put food on the table. But the reality is that you can’t serve anyone – including yourself – if you’re constantly tired, burnt out and spinning way too many plates at the same time.

No one said that running a business was going to be easy, but it can certainly be a whole lot simpler when you recognise that you aren’t a machine.

What are the best things that you can do right now, if you know that it’s only a matter of time before things start to spiral out of control?

The answer is delegate and outsource the things that you’re just no good at.

If you’re spending half your days firefighting people management issues, or focusing on anything at all that isn’t your zone of genius, then you’re definitely limiting your earning potential.

Want to chat about how we could potentially work together to get you some breathing space, a bit more time outside of the office, and a more cohesive plan to allow you to reach your goals?

Give us a call today and we can arrange to have a no-obligation discussion about your next steps.