Staff retention

Staff retention has never been more important

With the concept of a ‘job for life’ rapidly declining, many business owners are finding it increasingly tough to keep hold of their best people.

Even though the economic climate may be tough, talented employees always have other options, and if you aren’t doing all you can to keep them motivated and engaged, you’re running the risk of them leaving – in some cases, to take up roles with your direct competitors………quite simply, retention has never been more important!!

Right now, you need to carefully consider your policies and practices to ensure you’re building a business that’s fit for the future.

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Inside, you’ll discover…

  • The simple change you should make to your recruitment exercises to ensure you get the right people from the very beginning (72% of businesses find that this is highly effective – if you’re not doing it, you’re missing out)
  • Why you should be running staff surveys, and more importantly, what you should be doing with the results (even big businesses are missing a trick here)
  • How to get your line managers onboard and ensure that they play their part
  • How to collect valuable data when employees leave your business, so you can troubleshoot any issues and get back on the right track

…And much more.

Whether you’re growing your small business and you’re eager to get things right from the beginning, or you’re a seasoned business owner who wants a refresher in how to get the most from your staff, our guide will give you all the inspiration you need for building and retaining a team of the very best people.

If you need some assistance with your recruitment and retention policies, we can help. Whether you need one-off guidance to help you make positive adjustments, or you want to run an initiative to facilitate transformative change for the future, we have an option that may suit your requirements and budget.