Don't bury your head in the sand and use the freelance talent pool

Stop burying your head in the sand and embrace the freelance talent pool

If you’re running a business it’s pretty much impossible for you to ignore the conversations that have been growing louder and more frequent in recent months and years surrounding freelancing and the gig economy. There’s an increasing pool of flexible talent available to you and you already know the benefits.

But the conversation is one that seems to swing between two different extremes, and there may well be one camp that you’ve firmly attached yourself to. Of course, there are the tales of businesses who are openly and very unethically using the changing tide to their advantage, whilst exploiting workers and ruthlessly tapping into loopholes in the law. We are, at the end of the day, HR consultants so we take a pretty strong stance against any such practices. We might be passionate about helping businesses to grow, but never at the expense of ethical working practices.

There’s another extreme though, that’s perhaps lesser discussed – and that’s refusing to really appreciate that freelancing is the future. There’s a small but not insignificant proportion of employers who secretly think that it’s all just a fad, or a passing trend. They’re too attached to their longstanding recruiting practices to start looking towards something different. They’ve got no desire to consider a more agile talent strategy, and they’re not prepared to rethink how their workflow is handled.

We don’t judge. It’s human nature to be attached to ways of working that have served you well for many years, and we all have instances in which we resist moving with the times. But today, we’d like to encourage you to honestly ask yourself whether you may be facing a little too much resistance when it comes to bringing your talent strategy firmly into 2018.

Does this mean that you should fire your entire workforce and outsource the jobs to online contractors? Absolutely not. Are traditional jobs set to become obsolete? No. Are there instances in which the only viable option is to employ a permanent member of staff, who works from your office, and is there Monday to Friday, 9 to 5? Yes. Sometimes, it’s the only and the best choice.

But business owners who carefully consider how to use freelance talent are undoubtedly the ones that are going to thrive in the new world of work. They’re the ones who will be able to deliver the best work, the best service and create the best profits. They’re the ones who recognise that there’s a way to harness the line between the two extremes and make it work for them.

If you’re keen to consider how your recruitment strategy could be adapted to make you future-proof, then let’s talk about your challenges and your options. We can help you to pinpoint where your opportunities are, and what your next steps should be. Get in touch today for an initial no-obligation consultation.